Being a True Fan & Conference Champ Picks 2

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Down to the final four of the NFL season and I figured this would be a good time to resurrect Bill Simmons’s “Rules For Being a True Fan.”1)Recommended to me my Harmdogg many moons ago As a geographical drifter, I believe there are some strong exceptions to the rules the Sports Guy lies, but in general, his 2002 article still serves as a great reference for either understanding your own true fandom or savagely destroying bandwagon bums once their team has been bounced from contention.


I wouldn’t classify myself as a bandwagon guy, but I definitely dig in on teams I have had zero rooting interest in rooting for prior to the fact they were still in the playoffs and my team was at home. This year it was the Cowboys. In my early years of learning of my own fandom, I had many friends that loved the Cowboys. Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and Troy Aikman were the bee’s knees. 


Also, who doesn’t love a story of redemption and Tony Romo could have given us just that…well, maybe not. But a fun story with them rookies though. Lastly, the sport is just better when certain teams are good. For football, the Cowboys, Raiders, Steelers, and Packers fall into that category. Yankees, Sox, and Cubs in baseball and pretty much just the Lakers and maybe the Celtics in basketball.


Unfortunately, they gone. So, just rooting for the best storyline, which is New England against anyone with the big edge to the Packers.


I always find something to root for. We all do. Which would explain why my kids ask who I want to win during every game that ever pops up on our TV.2)I’m sorry son, I don’t know who I want to win this women’s college basketball game between IUPUI and Arkansas St. In the next couple weeks we will start seeing flags and championship gear on people we never knew were fans. If it’s your buddy or coworker, heckle them relentlessly, but it’s best to check with this article first, just to make sure your accusations are founded.


Being a true hasn’t changed much since 2002

Now at the Ringer, the company he owns and runs, Bill Simmons offered up 20 rules of for true fans. I link the article in several places, but here are my three faves:


Rule # 8: No hopping on and off the bandwagon during the season with the flip-flop, “I knew we were going to self-destruct! … All right, we won six straight! … I knew we wouldn’t keep playing this well. … I knew we would bounce back!” routine as the season drags along. Just for the record, this is probably my biggest fault as a sports fan — I overreact to everything. I’ve already written off the Celtics three different times this season, and I’ve given up on Antoine Walker roughly 435 times over the past six years. Can I get some medication for this?


Rule #15b: If your buddy’s team loses an especially tough game, don’t call him — wait for him to call you. And when you do speak to him, discuss the game in a tone normally reserved for sudden, unexpected deaths.


Rule #19: Once you choose a team, you’re stuck with that team for the rest of your life … unless one of the following conditions applies:


  • Your team moves to another city. All bets are off when that happens. In fact, if you decided to turn off that sport entirely, nobody would blame you. 
  • You grew up in a city that didn’t field a team for a specific sport — so you picked a random team — and then either a.) your city landed a team, or b.) you moved to a city that fielded a team for that specific sport. For instance, one of my Connecticut buddies rooted for the Sixers during the Doctor J Era, then happened to be living in Orlando when the Magic came to town. Now he’s a Magic fan. That’s acceptable. 
  • One of your immediate family members either plays professionally or takes a relevant management/coaching/front office position with a pro team. 
  • Plus 3 or 4 other great ideas you on when you can switch up your team…click here to head to the article



and a bonus rule…


Rule #10 is probably the biggest struggle for me and a contributing factor to my retirement from fantasy football:

If one of your fantasy guys is lighting it up against your favorite team (scoring goals, rushing for big yards, making jumpers, etc.), you can’t pump your fist, high-five anyone or refer to the player in a “That’s one of my guys!” sense, especially if it’s a crucial game or a crucial juncture of the game.

Conference Champiionship Predictions

Green Bay (+6) at Atlanta (-6)

Taking Green Bay and the points, but going with the Falcons to win outright. Predicting a shootout in the dome, but Rodgers’s second half heroics will be too little too late.

Final Score:

Green Bay 31 Atlanta 35


Pittsburgh at New England

I’m taking New England and giving the points. Le’Veon Bell literally looks like he is pulling Jedi mind tricks on defenses as he literally lulls them to sleep with his patience and DBs just watch him pass for a 15 yard gain. I’m rooting with my heart here, and while I would love to see Big Ben play for another championship with a body he wants us to believe is in shambles, the possibility of watching Brady and Belichek on the podium with that chump Goodell is just too tantalizing.

Final score:

Steelers 17 New England 38

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. Recommended to me my Harmdogg many moons ago
2. I’m sorry son, I don’t know who I want to win this women’s college basketball game between IUPUI and Arkansas St.

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