About Me

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After 10 years in the Air Force, first as an air traffic controller and then as a contracting officer, it’s time to do the unthinkable. It’s time to become a civilian. Not just any civilian, because that pension is just too sweet to get out and back into another government job.

Not to get too dramatic too quick, but I’m excited about building a legacy and scared

As I look forward to post-military life, I am realizing I am

I haven’t started a business yet, but I’m an entrepreneur. I haven’t led an organization to a record setting year, but I’m a leader. I haven’t stashed enough cash away to send my kids to an Ivy League school, or anything beyond community college, but I’m not poor. I work hard on being a good dad. I am grateful to my wife who is the beneficiary of my fumbling over trying to be a good husband.

Those are all real truths and I am eternally grateful, but something’s missing. Not “something’s missing so my life is miserable,” more like, “something’s missing and I wonder what life would look like if I dug in and started taking my chances.” I’m a pr

I received my MBA from Washington State University and

This blog is for the guys that have Tim Ferris telling me how to hack life, Gary Vaynerchuk telling me how to hustle, and Dave Ramsey telling me to be debt FREE!!! The list of blogs and podcasts