You know what help this chaos? Adopt and add 33% more children 1

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Well, it looks like we are being “called” to adoption.

Although, I think it’s possible maybe that means we’re supposed to put one or more of our kids up for adoption, my wife is convinced it means we are supposed to add to our family. She’s failed to provide any concrete evidence of this, but I’ll let her have this one.


This is the beginning. Like the super-beginning. Like the, there’s-a-million-more questions-that-have-to-be-answered-before-it-can-even-feel-like-a-real-thing-beginning, but it’s happening, one way or another, until we hit an unforeseen roadblock that prevents it from happening…for whatever reason.


The reason I am writing about it is simple and logical; to chronicle the journey of the next few days, weeks, months….years. Literally, no idea what they’ll hold, but it should be interesting, to say the least. For now, I’m going to spare the emotions and details. There are just too many unknowns to get too far into it. Instead, I am going to give you some quick bites of what is going on in the ole dome:


  • Lots of people say, “Oh, we’ve thought about adopting one day.” These words often without any thought ever actually being given to the idea. It’s just something people say.


  • I know this to be true because we were those people. Perhaps we thought it was noble, maybe give his some street cred in our church group or make us feel like we are better parents? Perhaps a little pilot light was on, ready to start a larger fire when the time was right?


  • Boy or girl? International or domestic? Foster or infant? America, Africa, Europe, Asia? Health concerns or not? Open or closed? All things I’m sure I have thoughts on, but I’m not nearly ready to talk about them. Gotta learn more first.


  • The previous note drives Sarah crazy. She wants to talk and wants me to show emotions. I private moments, I try to meet her halfway.


  • Apparently, woman can’t stop talking1)I was going to say “shut up” for dramatic effect, but considering the content, I refrained. about their adoption stories and they’ve got vlogs and blogs for days and days. Men? Nothing. Surprised and not surprised at the same time, especially since I am fully prepared to stop writing or unpublish these posts at any given time.2)Not a threat. Just a feeling:)



Things we are doing right now to prepare:

  • Prayer together (I admit, it has to be more)
  • Although it’s become a lot less subtle in recent weeks, we bring it up with the kids to see what kind of conversation unfolds.
  • Prayer by ourselves (Once again, it HAS to be more)
  • Listen to Sarah’s feelings and watch her force me to talk about my feelings.
  • Talk about my feelings
  • Talk with people who’s dat adoption knowledge
  • Write about it
  • Prayer


What was once something we said was a thought suddenly became a lot more than that. The past few months have been interesting for our family, and not just because of the decision to adopt, but perhaps it’s all related.
More is certainly to come. We have our first meeting with an adoption agency on Tuesday. Sarah’s excited. The kids are excited. Me? I’m pretty pumped, too.

If you, too, want to get jacked about having four kids…Jim Gaffigan is here to help:

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. I was going to say “shut up” for dramatic effect, but considering the content, I refrained.
2. Not a threat. Just a feeling:

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One thought on “You know what help this chaos? Adopt and add 33% more children

  • Dad

    As always, a great post to enjoy and relate to. I look forward to having another grandchild to love on! Great Video to go with blog…if you don’t read the blog, watch the video, funny stuff.