Sold My Nerf Turbo – Day 10 2

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Prepping for the business world means discipline in more than a few aspects of life. Improving as a husband and father often means putting discipline on display for my wife and kids to see. Finances is one of the toughest areas to remain disciplined. If not the the most difficult, definitely in the top 3.


I think you can tell a lot about person based on the way they deal with their money. Check that. I know you can tell a lot about a person when you have insight into their finances. If a couple isn’t on the same page when it comes to finances, it begs the question; what else are they not on the same page on? If someone can’t make their own money behave, what makes you think he can take care of yours or your business’s?


Taking back control

We’ve always managed finances fairly well and been diligent about creating, and at least attempting to stay on, a budget for the last 10 years. But, some poor habits have left a couple pieces of senseless debt lingering. Options are a tough thing to have when you feel prisoner to the checkbook and I make too much money to feel this this broke.


In the first couple weeks of the New Year, we have done a few things to step into the extreme of getting from under the rock of debt. For me, it has meant letting go of things I thought were important or satisfying and putting them on eBay. Today, I loosened my grip on a small collector’s item purchased many years ago on a whim, driven by nostalgia, and when I was broke. Representative of my commitment to stay on budget and the pursuit of freedom, I posted my Nerf Turbo for sale.


The nostalgia is real

That’s right, THE Nerf Turbo. You know the one. You could chuck a mile and it was likely the focal point of the first time you saw someone break a bone during front yard tackle football. Here’s a refresher:



Debt is dumb!

Debt can be debilitating! At the very least, it keeps you from having the freedom to make good decisions. Debt forces you to operate on its timeline. It has more than just a little input on your income and it can care less about your feels.


It’s tougher than I thought it would be to let some of these little things go, but enough’s enough. Get in line silver coins, baseball cards, and drone…you’re next!


Day 10, 10 January 2018: Sold the Nerf Turbo

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