Fortune Telling – Day 11

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The literary filth we are inundated with on the daily is frustrating. Not only because of the resulting time-suck after spending time reading something useless, but because it can be difficult to know if you are now dumber for having read something than if you would have never read it at all. And heck, I don’t blame the author(s), I blame myself for not being 100% prepared for knowing when and where to find the right resources at the right time. Being conscious about the time and content we take in is a noble pursuit, but thanks to screens constantly being in our faces, it is a lot easier said than done.


Today’s “Thing”

As part of the first subscription I have had since the gigantic ESPN The Magazine days; today, I received a copy of Fortune magazine. In an effort to bolster my business reading regiment, I am trying to filter out the garbage and be intentional with the the time I spend taking in content.


Once again, similar to the benefits I mentioned on reading the WSJ, reading material that has been vetted and survived the 24 hour news cycle is refreshing. As part of the subscription, I scooped up access to the online content as well. The price was right at about 20 bucks for the year.


January 2018 copy of Fortune

I chose Fortune purely as part of a recommendation from a reading program I am hammering through. My initial review is strong and working through the articles was time well spent. I like that a folded magazine is pretty mobile and the articles are short enough to ingest the material in 10-15 minute bites, as time and schedule allow.


Although my income is a couple zeros away from planting me in Fortune’s target market, I found more than a couple pieces of the content enlightening and will anxiously check the mail everyday waiting for the next issue.


The goal here is to add another source of potential knowledge and growth in business. And as it pertains to family, the discipline displayed at home by picking up some literature to steward gifts, talents, and interests instead of the Nintendo Switch is behavior worth mimicking.


I’m 60% sure this won’t just end out in the bathroom on the day it arrives.


Day 11, 11 January 2018: Click subscribe on a physical business magazine

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