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Today’s post was going to be about getting a family gym membership, a Nichols family first. I’ve dabbled with Gold’s Gym once before, but the Air Force life has always made sure a gym is close by.1)Quality varies drastically from base to base Almost exactly a year ago today, I went and toured the closest gym providing daycare, but Sarah has been somewhat intimidated by anything other smooth pavement for running. Twelve months later, and 20 or so degrees below freezing, she took the tour as well, and we decided the 100-plus bucks2)Painful, especially on a Dave Ramsey budget, but being away from military amenities for 18 months has called for desperate measures a month would be a sound investment, but that’s not what today’s “it” or “thing” ended up being.

As predicted, although sooner than expected, the natural happenings of merely wanting to try something new presented a new opportunity. Part of signing up, our Membership Specialist, Brittany, informed us we are entitled to receive one hour of physical training with one of the pros. Sarah was stoked for her session, but knowing my way around a gym and ego helped me deliver a prompt, “No thanks.” Brittany seemed unsettled by not having fulfilled one of her new member sign-up requirements and the chance to try something new to improve in business and family presented itself…while having already been trying something new…

Today’s Challenge

With zero intent of actually shelling out the cash to use the services of the many talented physical trainings there, I agreed to a session and scheduled it the same time as Sarah’s, 10AM this morning. The “thing” for today was letting my guard down long enough to learn from someone who knows their way around fitness and health a whole lot better than I do. 

Today, for the first time, I dedicated myself to listening and learning about physical training and health. I have a few minor ailments I’d love to know how to purposefully work on in the gym. I’d also like to start building a regiment towards improving flexibility, core strength, and balance. I was ready to get my money’s worth during this free hour.

So, I listened to my personal trainer for the day, Dan, as he ran me through some fundamentals. We yucked it up about some things I’d like to work on and his powerlifting aspirations. Bottom line, we spent about 45 minutes3)The other 15 minutes was used to listen to their “pitch man” try and lock us into a personal training subscription hitting a little bit of everything. And you know what? I learned a few things. Something I am definitely going to add to my regiment is the use of bands for stretching and strength training

Will I do it again?

Short answer, no. Doing it again is a different question than whether I think there is value. Absolutely there is, but at $300 for one session a week, I’ll continue to rely on Youtube, magazines, and whatever I see people doing that have a body shape I’d like to resemble.

That said, when we are “living like no one else,”4)Shout out to Dave Ramsey, again I know Sarah would love to put this in the budget and maybe I’d humble myself to do the same.

Fitness? Pfft. Typical!

I said on Day 1, aka yesterday, this wasn’t going to be about fitness and health, but I suspected some overlap. The biggest overlap being what health and fitness represent in the daily/weekly/monthly regiment, discipline. No one has ever accidentally found themselves working out. It takes intent. It takes effort. It happens over time.


My discipline in fitness has had its ebbs and flows for about 10 years now. Peaks coming during deployments and valleys when I have to sympathy eat for a pregnant or nursing wife. Fact is, when my discipline and routine is strong in the gym (or on the track) other disciplines seem to fall into place. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Bottom line, health and fitness has become more and more of a priority for our family. We aren’t nuts, and we probably have no idea what we’re doing because we don’t Crossfit, but we’ve recognized its role in forging the ole family legacy.

How I improved in business and family

I’ve known for awhile what fitness and health can do outside of building “sick tris” and strengthening the core. It does wonders for self-confidence, energy, and sex life. Yep, I said it.

Almost every side-effect seems to have a direct and lasting impact to what I hope to bring to the table as a business partner or leader. The personal trainer bit, was a one time thing, but I added a tool to my belt.5)The use of bands

As for the family. The basketball court is right next to where we pick-up and drop-off the kids. My boys were pumped to shoot hoops and it looks like that will be something we will get to do a lot more often. Pretty stoked about that, but more importantly, the kids get to watch mom and dad work towards something together and will hopefully mimic our excitement to live healthy.

2 January 2018, Day 2 Task: 1-hour of personal training

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. Quality varies drastically from base to base
2. Painful, especially on a Dave Ramsey budget, but being away from military amenities for 18 months has called for desperate measures
3. The other 15 minutes was used to listen to their “pitch man” try and lock us into a personal training subscription
4. Shout out to Dave Ramsey, again
5. The use of bands

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