Charting Out The Year – Day 7 2

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As you can see, the tracking slowed down, but last year’s calendar was a huge help.

Taking Jon Acuff’s lead, along with quite a few people smarter than me, Sarah and I sat down at the beginning of 2017 to chart out our year. We attacked it by listing things we knew would be happening over the next 12 months and then wrote done the things we would like to accomplish. Armed with a few colors of sticky notes and placing events in empty squares, we attacked the 3-foot calendar like we were at the Roulette table and the ball was already in the wheel.


We paid particular attention to the first half of the year and tried to remain flexible and diligent about revisiting the calendar every few weeks. Our reliance on the giant sheet of paper tapered over the course of the year, but it ended up being a huge blessing. It kept us on task and helped us revisit things we had not yet accomplished or we came to realize weren’t as important as we thought.


Now, in 2018, we are seasoned vets and know exactly how to attack the yearly calendar. Not really, but we had a better idea on how to use it more effectively by remembering what was helpful last year and reflecting the things we would have liked to do differently.


So, today, I sat down with my wife and tracked goals, events, appointments, and various other things1)Like when the Braves come to town on a giant calendar and hung it in a place we will see every day.


For me, the most beneficial part of charting out the year is the impact it has on tracking goals and milestones. More than any other year, 2018 has a few things I will need to accomplish to get where I want to be in business. More importantly, I have kids turning 11, 8, and 5 and I’m going to celebrate my 13th anniversary with my wife. As the kids get older, the sense of urgency is real and each year of marriage makes you better equipped to take what you’ve learned and make the next year better.


This is one of my favorite habits we started. Looking forward to seeing what it does when it comes to controlling our schedule and tracking progress.


Here’s a link if you want yours.

Day 7 Task, 7 January 2018: Plan out the entire year on a calendar

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1. Like when the Braves come to town

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