Honey Creek Bee Company – Product Review

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beeHCBC’s second annual product release arrived last week. We have tastebuds and a soul. As a result, our family was excited for the release date. Expectations were pretty high for the sophomore release of a product responsible for introducing us to a world of honey we had no idea existed. We watched make get our honey1)Yes, our actual honey. The videos and photography has been incredible ready for almost a year. The wait is finally over.

covers lip balmCouple new products in the lineup this year as well, the Beeswax Food Wraps and three flavors of lip balm. We ordered those too. Quick review:

Lip Balm: Moving from Arizona to Virginia has been easy on the lips, but it’s still freaking hot out here and the sun does work on these bad boys and I need them ready 24/7 to kiss my boss’s butt and Sarah’s mouth. Not to mention, spending time in Qatar last year, I had to try more than a dozen brands to find something capable of neutralizing hell on earth, the Middle East. Not surprisingly, beeswax products outperformed almost everything on the market, but most flavors were bland.

HBC’s debut launch featured three flavors and it had no trouble stacking up next to the premium brands. The flavors are sensational. My fave….Minty Wild Orange.

Food Wraps: Like the lip balm, it looks like you can snag this product year-around. There are three sizes included in the order and each cloth has a thick coat of bee’s wax and it doesn’t make the wrap too rigid. It sticks better than my saran wrap and looks great in the fridge. This was a fun investment.


Local honey from a small business is not where you go to penny pinch, but you don’t have to be a true honey lover to appreciate the benefit of spending a couple extra clams. In fact, if you are squeezing your honey out of a bear, your family is at severe risk of contracting the Zika virus, polio, and yellow fever. Your honey is no laughing matter and isn’t something to be taken lightly. Be a hero for your heart, your mouth, and your family. Set a couple extra dollars aside in the budget and buy some premiere honey, like HBC’s.

We paid just under a dollar an ounce for the 25.5 oz product. They sold out of the product in about 24 hours. I’m no Emily Greene Balch, but I’d say I consider myself lucky to find it at that price again.

Would like to see the shipping price a little cheaper, especially if I order a certain amount. Quite frankly, I prefer when the wool is pulled over my eyes in pricing. Like when Amazon builds the price shipping into their products. 2)WHAT?! Prime doesn’t give FREE SHIPPING?! No.


honeyThis bottle glistened as we pulled it out of the package. A perfect Tennessee Sunshine Gold. I don’t know what the knuckleheads at the farmer’s market down the street are thinking with their opaque honey. Are their bees getting pollen from the La Brea Tar Pits? Whatever the source, I like my honey to shimmer like the color of a poorly hydrated Greek god’s urine. It looks just as good in person as on the site.


This is a tricky one. On the one hand, I love thick gooey honey that dances from the nozzle like Play-Doh being prepped for a spaghetti dinner, but it can to tough to spread. Meanwhile, who doesn’t love some easy-to-spread honey capable of reaching every tiny crater on a piece of toast. Thinner honey makes it easy to put on anything and makes it exceptionally easy to drink directly from the nozzle.3)Sarah is not pleased when I do this Trouble is, I find honey every everywhere. Just gotta be a careful or you will end of with more honey than you bargained for, which usually isn’t a problem except I want to make it last.


Typically a local distributor, Honey Creek was just figuring out how to ship honey safely last year. Like I said, then and smooth honey finds its way into every crevice. As a result, I was licking the inside of a USPS box to make the little bit of goodness that leaked out didn’t go to waste. This year, they added some impressive containers to their lineup and every drop arrived intact. The minimalist logo and clamp bottle were absolutely perfect for display and right in line with the Midwest and farming roots of the honey. My only complaint, the honey pours out great, but it doesn’t stop without some rapid wrist action. Even then, it usually leaves a little bit on the side of the bottle. Next year, I think I will get the portion with the wider top so I can use a honey dipper.

I would like to see HC add honeycombsome boxes with their label or a unique color. When the honey is sitting on the doorstep, I want everyone to know we don’t screw around when it comes to honey consumption.


Apparently our tongues are broken up into regions that respond to different types of flavor profiles. Ya know, salty, sour, sweet, and bitter. Ideally, if the honey is just sweet, certain regions of taste buds won’t respond. It’s not their job. Somehow, this honey is sending a message to every corner of my mouth. The message; “Bro, this is what MLB pennants, scoring a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle, and playing Call of Duty with your bros after the kids went to bed early and your wife brings you a Manhattan is lingerie tastes like.”

Best part is, it’s not too sweet. Krispy Kremes, Double Stuff Oreos, spoons of sugar. A list of delicious tasting things that come at a price. You eat too much, the sweetness begins to be too much of a good thing. HBC’s honey has a great balance rendering it possible to crush an entire bottle in one sitting, then going on a job. Run fast enough, you can taste it twice.


Rating – 4.8 out of 5 BeesScreen Shot 2016-08-14 at 5.19.41 PM

This is some of, if not the, best honey I have ever had. The balance, consistency, and overall taste is what one the Nichols family over. The kids’ new favorite breakfast is “honey toast.” I highly recommend subscribing to their site or liking them on Facebook in order to get release info. This stuff goes too fast. Last year’s was amazing. Unreal that this year was better. I left .2 bees just in case the worker bees run into a patch of Lord-crafted Heaven Lillies.

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. Yes, our actual honey. The videos and photography has been incredible
2. WHAT?! Prime doesn’t give FREE SHIPPING?! No.
3. Sarah is not pleased when I do this

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