Podcast lesson learned: Ditch the iOS podcast app 1

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Somehow, the podcasts on my wife’s phone and the podcasts on my phone synced up. At first, this was more of an annoyance when her “lady podcasts” popped up in my feed. I like my subscription feed in a certain order and without distraction. I tooled around for a second and got I rid the estrogen-filled pods from my life.


Fast forward a couple weeks and Sarah is trying to snap a photo, but her phone isn’t having it. I suspect it’s because my daughter took 300 pictures of her toes, but turns out, the 20GBs in podcasts were the space-sucking culprits. All my podcasts had now synced to her phone.


I gave her a rundown on how to clean up the mess. As a result, I quickly returned to being the only witty sports talk, self-improvement, and news talk show in her life.


My subscription feed is a finely tuned and well thought out platform for devouring as much information that I’ll never remember into a single commute. It’s very important to me. You can imagine my frustration when I realized all my subscriptions were gone. My wife deleting on her phone = gone on my phone too.


I’m pretty iOS savvy, so troubleshooting an issue is pretty painless for me, but apparently, this wasn’t a simple iCloud issue. I could have Googled it, but screw that. Apple has lost their mind if they thought this feature was helpful. It must have been thought up by the screwball that wrote the code for less devastating but equally useless feature of .5x speed on the audio. So, I did the unthinkable and deleted an Apple made app.1)actually not possible to until a couple iOS updates ago


But I’m not out of the podcast game. After putting in more research for a $1.99 than I do when I buy a car, I landed on Pocket Casts by Shift Jelly. Immediate impression was how clean it was and the nifty display of the subscribed podcast catalog.


After reloading all my subscriptions, I realized I subscribe to over 40 podcasts. I don’t listen to all of them all the time and there are more than a few I’ve never listened to, but most of them stay just in case the mood strikes, but that’s enough about my podcast listening psyche ’cause I can drone on for another 500 words.


A deeper dive into the app exposed a ton of customizable features that Tim Cook’s minions have been keeping from us. Here’s a glimpse at some of the changes I made to improve the podcast experience.

  • 10-second one-touch rewind
  • 25-second one-touch fast forward
  • 1.5x to 1.7x audio speed (depends on the podcasts, some are at 2x, others at 1.1 or 1.2)
  • Keep the latest 3 episodes


Bottom line, I received a quality of life boost in an unsuspecting place. What began with me being a jerk and assuming my wife somehow crashed my podcast world ended with me apologizing and a never before realized amount of podcast freedom.


The point of this post? Express my frustration and annoyance in a world that has millions participants but none of whom I seem to know personally. In the off chance you too are a podcast nut, it is also a recommendation to ditch the Apple Podcast app and get your Pocket Cast on.


In short, I’m painfully aware of how much of a waste of time it was to write 500 words on deleting and downloading an iPhone, but imagine all the pods you could have listened to if you didn’t make this far in the blog post…

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1. actually not possible to until a couple iOS updates ago

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