Simon Sinek Delivers Some Harsh Realities to Millennials

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Maybe it’s his inability to find a legitimate solution to his receding hair line and poorly combed hair, or perhaps it’s his accent that sounds like it came from somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean between London and Vermont. Whatever it is, Simon Sinek’s a real delight guy to listen to, and when I watch any of his talks or read his books I find myself doing a whole lot of head bobbing in agreement and/or enlightenment. 

I came across a clip of this talk on Facebook, but searched the interwebs to see if I could find the whole thing. Turns out the whole hour is just as good as the 18 minutes at the end.

Despite the grainy footage and the fact he is using a magic marker, he boasts having one of the most popular TED Talks of all time. As you can imagine, the quality only goes up with Sinek. He wraps up this talk with some absolute savagery towards millennials. He’s right on the money, and the looks on the faces of the millennial audience are pretty priceless. 

Don’t start with asking why, just take watch this thing. I broke it up into a few different segments and watched snippets when I have a few extra minutes.


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