Suit Challenge – Day 10: Guest Post from Jon

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by Jon Howerton

What is the one change I can make over the next 4 months to ensure this bet, which is doomed by the way, a massive success? It’s an important question because up till now my life has been a stranger to quantifiable success. I’ve had to search for this change and I think I may have the answer.

So let’s review the facts, because this bet is doomed to fail, and I will tell you why. I am 31. I’m bald. 40lbs overweight. I have diabetes. I’ve waded in the wages of a middle class income. I stress my family out regularly with failed attempts to do what I think will improve our standard of life. Should I keep going?

Side note, I recently watched a TED Talk about vulnerability and making the terrible self-doubt voices go away. I hope works because dang, that list is brutal. So let’s do this.

When I look at the goals I have set in previous years, it’s similar to Brent’s reference to the moment of feeling awesome. That feeling when I set a goal and the severe disappointment when I find myself back in the same vicious cycle within the same week. Heck, sometimes the same day! I’m guessing it is pretty similar to many people’s experience. So why will this one be different?

Tell me if this subconscious daily sounds familiar as you dream about the changes you’ll make to the top, “I’m finally about to become a butterfly. I’ll bust out of this finely made silk home and pretty woman their butts!” Maybe not in those exact words, but you know what I mean. You get all fired up and then 30 minutes later your are crushing some cookie dough and wasting 22 minutes at a time by flipping on The Office Season 3 on Netflix. Why is this?!

I believe it’s a failure to do the small things. That’s my focus this time as we begin a trek down a road less traveled. So the little things, what are they? I Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 6.12.27 PMrecently read The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone and it talks about all the “little things” that make up the “big thing,” whatever that might be to you. For us, and the purpose of this post, it’s losing a big chunk of weight in 4 months. I’m pretty sure I haven’t been 210 lbs. since college. So it’s a pretty big deal. Here are my little things that is going to equal the big thing.

  1. Writing goals down every day for the next 4 months.

That’s it. I could list several more things off that would make a difference. For example, how I’m going to be eating or how much I’m going to be working out. But I’m done with that. I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. I’m over thinking about how excited I am about getting up at 5am to work out before my kids get up. It’s just not exciting and I find myself finally getting up out of bed around 8am as my daughter yells at me from her room. I have never written my goals down for more than probably 5 days in a row. I make no guarantees, but like I said, little things. For now, I’ll write down your goals every day when I get up and go to bed and report back with some early results. Nothing groundbreaking here, just a couple guys trying to figure out how to make progress anyway they can.

By the way as of today I’m down 5lbs week one, this goal writing thing works like freaking magic!

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