Suit Challenge: Day 3 – Daydream

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“Hold on, wait a second. I can literally take over the world right now! I’m serious. My life is great. My family is gorgeous. I’m an incredible athlete and I can’t wait to get in the gym today. My finances aren’t nearly as bad as it feels and I have a blog that has received over 30 views in a single day!”

Now, that’s a fairly poor job of describing the conversation I have with myself when I am overcome with a spurt of motivation. But the dialogue above provides a pretty decent little snapshot. I realize talking to myself is becoming a theme already (two blog posts in), but save your judgment. Some say it’s daydreaming, or maybe others say it’s mental preparation. Call it what you will, all guys do it.

Don't let this guy's chiseled jaw line and freak good looks fool you. He's single-handedly infiltrating a terrorist network that has targeted his wife and kids for no apparent reason--in his mind.

Don’t let this guy’s chiseled jaw line and freakish good looks fool you. He’s single-handedly infiltrating a terrorist network that has targeted his wife and kids for no apparent reason–in his mind.

No? I’m wrong? Tell me you haven’t spaced out for 10 minutes navigating your every move if there was an intruder in your house that has taken your family hostage. Or how about pretending your jump shot from the elbow of the three-point line of an empty gym after you just finished a crappy workout is a buzzer-beater for the title. Tell me that’s never happened. Do it. Then I will call you a liar!

Back on track – spurts of motivation. Every now and then, I am blasted with an irrational feeling of optimism. Even during particularly tough or busy days, I have thoughts of how perfectly everything has lined up. Sometimes on my commute or catching up on my pop culture knowledge via Fox News, the anticipation of the day begins to build and there is very little doubt in my mind; I’m going to crush it. Honestly, I even get the chills sometimes just going through the process of getting all fired up. Not only that, I am so self-aware of what is happening during these moments of idealism that I think to myself, “I wish I could bottle this thing up and take a dose every morning, baby! ‘Cause there is no way this high will last”


Usually I have about 15 minutes between my stop at QT and pulling in the driveway. I destroy the taquitos, my wife is none the wiser cause I still enjoy 2-3 helpings at dinner:

And sure enough, there it goes. If I’m lucky, I stay fired up most of the morning, but it eventually it fizzles and I have no way of knowing when it will happen again. Some crashes are harder than others and it’s difficult to say what ends up putting me back in a funk. It’s usually an obnoxious email from my boss, a pointless meeting that leaks into a third hour, or the thought that I might actually have to have some sort of discipline to make lasting change.  Regardless, as sure as the freaking sunrise, the emotion is gone and it took all my motivation with it and left 5 lbs of body weight behind. (Then again, in could’ve been the three Quik Trip steak and cheese taquitos I ate while sulking…irrelevant.)

Alright, so we’re nearly a full 72 hours into this Suit Challenge. The fact that I wrote an initial blog has Jon freaked out that I might be serious about this thing. Unlike the rush of motivation I get on my drive to work or watching an episode of Shark Tank, there is a certain calm about this particular goal. We’ll almost certainly fail. If you ask Jon he’d say the same thing, but one thing we have going for us, we didn’t start on New Year’s. A January 1st start is our way of telling the world, “I know what’s wrong with me, but I don’t give a crap. But you think I give a crap now that I made it my resolution, don’t you?” Jokes on you fools; we started December 28th, ha!

Brent’s Weight: Hopefully something below 225.5

Jon’s Weight: IMG_1171 240.4 (He says he’s on his way out the door for a run. I’ll believe it when I can like his post on Facebook. #humblebrag)


UPDATE: Jon made it out there. Man of his word and he appears to have a lady friend that “likes” it.

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